Unione delle Imprese Navali Artigiane - le Aziende associate
Cantiere F.lli Bertolucci
Formally esteblished in 1965, the company Cantiere Navale Fratelli Bertolucci has its roots in theancient Viareggio carpentry tradition: in fact, since the beginning of the XIX century, Viareggio shipwrights were skilled builders of wooden fishing boats and merchant ships. Once wooden sailing ships and merchant ships went out of production, the current owners of the company have been able to convert these precious manufacturing skills adapting them to the modern requirements of the marine industry, combing the experienced craftsmanship of their highly qualified shipyard workers with the ever changing needs of super-yacht production. Today the company is leader in the production of teak wood decks for the covering of steel decks, plastic reinforced by incorporated fibreglass decks or wooden decks. Cantiere navale Fratelli Bertolucci has in fact achieved an enviable reputation for its high standards of excellence and works in close cooperation with the major leading Italian shipyards. This specialization, together with the production of handrails, outdoor furniture, gratings and steps is the main part of the company’s business. We also provide indoor furniture and we take care of the fitting out of the cabins. In 1962, we were the first in Italy to apply the technique of direct gluing of teak wood on the decks and throughout a span of more than fifty-years we have covered the decks of the most prestigious superyachts built by the most world-famous shipyards such us, just to name but a few, Codecasa, Azimut Benetti, Overmarine, Perini, Falcon Yacht, Euroyacht. A few years ago we started the production of pre-assembled decks: this technique allows us to prepare in our lab and in a short time, whole decks that will be delivered to the customer completely caulked and polished so that they can be glued to the decks straight away. We are using gluing and sealing products by Sika Italia, with whom we have been working in close technical co-operation for about twenty years. We own industrial warehouse for laying up of small and average sized boats as well as an outdoor area of 1500 sqm for boats as long as 45 mt. Our long tradition, experience and commitment in the marine industry is also testified by our involvement in several activities of the yacht harbour of Viareggio: we are partners of a company (AR.PE.CA S.P.A.) that owns a travel-lift for haulages and launchings as well as of another companies (U.D.I.N.A. and DARSENA ITALIA S.R.L.) that manages the mooring docks for the boats that are under maintenance.
Elettromare s.r.l.
It was born in 1971 following the closure of the shipyard “Picchiotti” for initiative of Giuseppe Balducci, department head of the electricity sector, along with his brother Franco and some workers. The group began to make electric systems for several sites in the area of boating and military. The company has been equipped with machines and equipment to produce dashboards, control panels and what is necessary to manufacture high-quality implants. He currently works for the group “Overmarine” that produces motor yachts “Mongoose”. In addition to the electrical department, the Elettromare Srl is equipped with a machine shop tools and equipment for the production of alloy steel structures, a department in charge of painting and an other of silkscreen printing.
Elle Yacht
It is flanked by two companies who loves the sea in two different but equally important moments that is to say the phase “bureaucratic” and that technique. The ‘Compass Agency Bureau was founded in 1973. Paola Coruzzi and Rocco Larocca, founder, offered full support for the processing of files and documents needed to navigation for pleasure craft. Over time have increased the services: research, training and management of crews. Rocco Larocca founded in the ‘80s that dealt with Elle Yacht storage for pleasure craft, also offering mooring service. The company came to be interested also in maintenance and repair of boats. Then Scylla Larocca’s daughter, has joined the two companies, using the maritime mediation services, rentals, leases and sales of units pleasure. Since 2000 is also carried out the transport of boats over 30 meters.
A know-how first class international, in step with the latest technological frontiers. This is today Eni Group which has fifty years of history and careful eye to the future. A staff of 41 employees working on continuous improvement, both management and production. The naval electrical systems was born in 1960 in the wake of John Musetti passion for plants. Initially the company turned to merchant shipbuilding design and construction of switchboards and electrical systems; at a later time has also occupied the leisure market. In the late nineties Marine Automation Ltd was founded to meet the increasing demands of automation on ships. The Group Eni is a partner of the largest shipyards in high-tech boats from 30 to 70 meters. Attentive to environmental issues and development of alternative energies, it is projected to photovoltaic systems, entering holdings in Tritec Italy Srl, specialized in the field.
Formulamare absorb the tradition and experience of “Motorboating Lorenzini Anna Maria and Workshop Motorboating Alberto Landucci, two of the most important companies, has its roots in over thirty years of their business. Today is the concessionaire for the province of Lucca, Pisa, Livorno, Massa and outboard engines “Mercury” and 7 years, the company is “Mercruiser” and “Cmd” as a dealer and distributor for Tuscany. In 2007 the company was honored at the national level, with the recognition of best performance “Mercruiser” in the face of constant growth and good management of after-sales service and support. Today is team manager Claudio Landucci. The company has a consolidated know-how and innovative, suitable to satisfy customers’ requests and is able to offer the most advanced solutions in various types of engines for boats.
La Magica s.r.l.
Here you will find everything you need to move and lift craft of several dimensions. The company has available trucks, trailers for exceptional transports, semi-trailers, tractors and a fleet of vehicles for technical escorts. The sector of cranes has been integrated with the exceptional transports to give customers a complete and efficient service. Modular groups of range up to 600 tons are in the fleet of vehicles. The staff is highly qualified and trained to handle every situation. The company has an office and a share of wharf in the new port of Viareggio. The wharf is used to towages and hulls for maintenance of boats. The transports are assessed in advance with visits. The company is located on the south quay of the dock, a few meters from the sea.
The company is specialized in producing plumbing, mechanical and hydraulics for the craft and also as a machine shop for processing steel and light alloys. Has many experiences working with major shipyards in Viareggio. Mecanav was founded in 1973 by Osvaldo Domenici, Rinaldo Bartelloni and Margaret Borelli. The company still continues its activities through the efforts of the sons and nephew who maintain high quality production and services. In the course of its business, now over thirty years, the company has demonstrated Versilia customers for quality and reliability in manufacturing due to its highly specialized skills.
Officina Meccanica Luigi Casadio
Roberto Casadio, naval mechanic, in 1965 opened his workshop in Viareggio, one of the oldest of the dock. It deals with facilities on board, maintenance of boats and especially repair of marine engines. Casadio uses brands such as “Perkins” when the wood was still considered raw materials in the construction of yachts. Accumulating years of experience and using skilled labor, Casadio met houses built as reducers “Rejnties” and propellers “Shaffran”. The workshop continues today with son Luigi that carries on the family tradition. The activity has the “Yanmar” dealer for Tuscany in the sale and service of marine engines.
Officina Navale Manni
Roberto Casadio, naval mechanic, in 1965 opened his workshop in Viareggio, one of the oldest of the dock. It deals with facilities on board, maintenance of boats and especially repair of marine engines. Casadio uses brands such as “Perkins” when the wood was still considered raw materials in the construction of yachts. Accumulating years of experience and using skilled labor, Casadio met houses built as reducers “Rejnties” and propellers “Shaffran”. The workshop continues today with son Luigi that carries on the family tradition. The activity has the “Yanmar” dealer for Tuscany in the sale and service of marine engines.
SA.SI.T s.r.l.
Founded as a mining firm sands in the territory of the Lake Massaciuccoli, the company, over time, has started operating in the field of environmental protection, marine, construction and services, significantly diversifying its business. Today SA. SI. T. is responsible for maintenance of gas pipelines of SNAM Rete Gas SpA, especially the pipelines of Sestri Levante, Borgo Taro Valley, Castelnuovo Garfagnana, Grosseto, Empoli, Montalcino, Follonica and Scandicci. The company has obtained a license to build pipelines to 30 degrees, including rail crossings, can also operate on pipelines in operation even during emergencies. The company is also engaged in procurement by the agencies. She specializes in various types of interventions, including dredging of marine waters and lakes, construction of reinforced concrete piers and maintenance of waterways.
Sa. Ver. Mar. s.n.c.
SA. VER. MAR. is an important and established business reality of Massarosa, Versilia, which for years with passion and professionalism deals with paintings of yachts and motorboats. It was founded in 1983 by Rodolfo Lombardi strong at the time twenty years experience in the field, along with some members. Staff is efficient and attentive and, using both traditional methods of painting to modern ones, gets excellent results at competitive prices. The company is also involved in scaffolding, hire scaffolding, roofing and PVC shrink covers. Over the years the company took part in the preparation of boats both new and modified steel, aluminum, fiberglass and wood, all well beyond the 30 meters. Nabila (84 meters), Jonikal (60 meters), South (54), Europe Sun (52 meters) are just some names of boats took advantage of the professionalism of SA.VER.MAR, today a leader worldwide for its know-how.
The company deals with hydraulic and mechanical marine pipe fitters. Walter Marks, an employee of historical workshop “Nanni”, after some years decided to go it alone. Five generations of the family Marks that have alternated at the top of the company carrying on the tradition of quality and professionalism. After the death of the founder, driving the company has passed Mark Marks, assisted by Rossano Malfatti and his son Lorenzo and his sister Marzia. Termomarine has worked and continues to work with major shipyards, including Codecasa, Perini, Azimut, San Lorenzo, Uniesse and many others. Activities include assistance and changes to residential consumers. The company also provides immediate intervention and constant availability of stock in its factories located in industrial area of Viareggio. For maintenance and services located in the new dock provides central Italy and logistical support.There are moorings available for boats up to 45 meters served with electricity and water supply. Termomarine also acts as prime contractor for maintenance and refit. The high retention of its workforce, on average ten years of collaboration, which allows the customer relationships and ensuring performance levels are always good.
Tubinavi s.r.l.
Specializing in plant vessel, the company was founded in Viareggio in 1973 and is today a reference for the most important shipyards in Versilia. With its 20 employees, followed closely both in training and updating the time entered by production system, Tubinavi Srl manufactures all kinds of hydraulic, pneumatic and hydraulic system for pleasure boats. In June 2004 the company obtained the UNI-ISO 9001-2000. Each year manufactured, installed and tested at least 5 yachts plants within 25 and 50 meters and 2 maxy yacht launched by the major sites of the city. Tubinavi makes even refitting and maintenance operations on several boats from 20 to 90 meters. The production is suitable for any boat built in wood, fiberglass, steel or aluminum.
Federigi Giancarlo srl
Founded in 1969 by Giancarlo Federigi, The Federigi Giancarlo S.r.l. has managed to get stainless reputation nationally and locally. VOLVO PENTA Distributor since 1970, we sell VOLVO PENTA PRODUCTS ONLY, in our countries Tuscani and Umbria Our customers are shipyards, 20 Volvo Penta services, indipendent workshop , boats dealers, and ship owner’s directly i, about 600 customers. Our 40 years experience in the Volvo Penta market with a staff of qualified people and skilled technicians give us the opportunity to ensure best service for our customers. Our location is in Viareggio, one of most important italian yacht builders area. During these years, Volvo Penta market share growed up and automatically Federigi Giancarlo divided his organization in two branches, to response better of market and technical inquiries, one for commercial enviroments and one for ottimize tecnical support. We moved the location in front of the port with a showroom, logistic stock house, and head offices. The workshop was developped in industrial area close to us. In 1992 Federigi Giancarlo was one of the elevens founders of new shipyard recovering company, who has in Viareggio 250 mt of Dock availeble for refitting and long term dockage for ships up to 120 Feet. A travel lift for haulage ships up to 350 tons, also availeble. Since 1995 We supply engines and spare parts for 30 Italian military rescque boats in agreement with Codecasadue Shipyard. From 2008 we are connected with VPIM System, at beginning of 2010 we are operative on VOLVO PENTA SHOP.