The Union Company - UDINA
The individual entrepreneur who is active in boating for years to Viareggio, is represented by an association deeply rooted in the territory and with a long tradition: the Udine.
The Union Company was born on March 12, 1975, non-profit, on the initiative of the historic names of the marine zone: Balducci Bigongiari, La Rocca, Federigi and Giovanni Musetti, to name some. Since then thirty-five years have earned a gala to all members.
Formed to create a partnership that would gather the many artisans engaged in various ways, the holdings of the dock, Udine was the beginning and still is a valuable pool of knowledge and skills that must never go missing.
And it’s known that the spaces for boats missing in Viareggio
Our association as a whole, enjoys 195 meters of quay, equipped with drinking water and not and electricity.
All the yards of the city can benefit from it. The Udine, always close to the seafaring traditions, has also wanted to invest resources in an urban historic, old structure, a symbol of Viareggio, the “Weighing of the caravan”, built in 1949, in via Coppino, the need for to weigh precisely the goods. Fallen into disuse with the passing years, the association took over the property, transforming the building into a center of information.
The Udine also include a conference- room equipped with the latest technology, an important meeting place and discussion for the various members. Strong of professionalism and excellence that encompasses, the association looks forward and seeks to remain a reference point for fans and for anyone involved in sailing..